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The systematic mapping tool identifies links between the biophysical impacts of a changed climate, and secondary biophysical and socioeconomic impacts. This starts the establishment of a mapping tool, whereby the initial impacts or consequences of climate change then become the cause of further consequences which start to identify the initial threats and opportunities of a changed climate. These then lead onto further impacts, mapping out how these different impacts link together, as well as the processes that causes these changes, to produce the different threats and opportunities as a result of a changed climate.

This therefore produces a map or spider diagram, an example of which is shown to the right, where each cause, process and consequence are each defined in terms of a simple set of words, with an underlying narrative that can be inspected if required. The outputs of the systematic mapping tool is therefore the map or spider diagram describing the process of change that leads to the different threats and opportunities of climate change, together with a searchable database that can be inspected to identify the different links and processes as well as the underlying narrative of the impacts identified.

Instructions for use

  • Navigate to the Search page.
  • Type in one or more climate change impact keywords and phrases (using the auto-suggestions and sortable list).
  • Click on "Show all impacts".
  • Review the Search Summary (using the "Select" link and page number links).
  • View the graph by clicking on the down arrow of the "Search Summary Graph (Show Graph...)".
  • Move the mouse over the Viewer box to reveal the graph.
  • Click the "Print" button to print the graph.